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"For , ye must learn to meditate - just  as ye have learned to walk, to talk..." 

- Edgar Cayce

Let's Face it.

Life can be challenging. 

Not just bad stuff but good stuff too. 

A new job, marriage, a birth in the family or moving to a new place can cause just as much stress as an illness, loss of job, a death or an accident. 

You can be part of the solution.

Train with MindBuilder to become a Certified Meditation Instructor.

Meditation is the perfect tool for building strength of mind so you can relax, let go of distraction and find the most direct route through whatever you might be facing. Whether those changes are big or small, as a Certified Meditation Instructor, you will have the tools to help yourself and teach others to remain level-headed and hopeful through all of life's ups and downs. 

Join MindBuilder Head Coach, Paul Larmer, for one of the FREE Meditation Teacher Training Information Sessions listed below or commit to your breakthrough year right now by scrolling down to "Apply".

Whatever your choice, we're here to help.


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